Concrete Pot

VIEWPOINT 視角八邊幾何水泥盆器・花器

/ VIEWPOINT 視角 / 八邊幾何水泥盆器
NTD 480 元
It designed for plants such as succulents, cacti or as a vase for air plants, let’s create a life of greenery.
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VIEWPOINT 視角八邊幾何水泥盆器・多肉組盆・仙人掌植栽
Concrete Design 視角八邊幾何水泥盆器・盆栽・設計禮物
Concrete Design 幾何水泥設計盆器・居家擺飾・家飾盆栽
VIEWPOINT 視角八邊幾何水泥盆器・多肉組盆・仙人掌植栽
Concrete Design 幾何水泥設計盆器・居家擺飾・家飾盆栽

– 此販售商品為水泥盆器,未包含植物,圖片為搭配參考。
– 盆器留有底洞,可讓過多的水自然排出,幫助植物根部透氣。
– 水泥為多孔材質,澆水會吸收些許水份,使其盆器顏色變深為正常現象。
– 手工製作上的尺寸將會有些許誤差,每次創作出的色調與紋理將不盡相同,每件商品都是唯一。 

– Plants not include.
– It is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
– There is drainage hole, It will allow water to drain quickly.
– concrete is a porous material ,when you water concrete planters, they will darken.
– Each piece is indivdually made by hand from concrete, with slight differences in texture and appearance, making each item unique.

色調 / Colour:Original concrete 清水泥
材質 / Materials:Concrete 水泥
尺寸 / Size:W9 x L9 x H5 cm (Max)
內徑 / Inside:W6.7 x H4.5 cm (Max)
重量 / Weight:400g