Concrete Holder

MIST 霧光黃銅圓座拱形水泥線香盤・飾盤

/ MIST 霧光 / 拱形黃銅圓座水泥線香座・擴香盤・飾盤
NTD 780 元
The simple arched incense holder is made of concrete and brass, designed with a detailed angled to catch burning ash and finished with a cork base, it is perfect for any space.
It is made of concrete and brass, the process of casting each individually and made by hand, each peice has a unique appearance and texture.
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CARRARA 卡拉拉大理石紋水泥設計家飾・擺飾・禮物
CARRARA 卡拉拉多用途水泥銅器擺飾・花器・禮物
CARRARA marbling concrete multi-functional holder with brass / vase / candle & incense holder
CARRARA marbling concrete multi-functional holder with brass / vase / candle & incense holder
Concrete Design 水泥設計家飾・擺飾・禮物
CARRARA 卡拉拉大理石紋水泥黃銅花器・花插・擺飾 CARRARA 卡拉拉多用途水泥銅器擺飾
CARRARA 卡拉拉大理石紋水泥黃銅花器・燭臺・線香座


– 線香在放入洞孔時可稍做調整,長度14cm以下之線香,燃燒時的香灰會自然落入於器皿中。
– 掉落盤中的香灰可刷子輕拂,如清水沖洗請放置通風處自然風乾。
– 水泥為多孔性材質,具有吸收特性,可於水泥表面滴上精油作為擴香石使用,擴香範圍約床頭或桌面的距離。
– 精油將會透過水泥的氣孔吸收水氣、調節內外濕度,以達到擴香效果。建議搭配純天然無色素的精油,待揮發後即會回到水泥原色。
– 黃銅材質會因使用的時間而使表面氧化,可利用銅油擦拭做保養。若您喜歡銅器仿舊的質感,您可以不必在意氧化的問題,他將能呈現獨特的美感。
– 水泥底部備有軟木防滑墊,可防止刮傷桌面,請盡可能保持軟木墊的乾燥。

– The brass hole is Φ3.5mm to hold for under 14cm length incense sticks from small to large.
– Depending on the size of your incense, you may need to wiggle it around a bit to find a fit spot to get all of the ash to fall into the dish.
– Due to the concrete’s porous composition, simply pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the concrete surface and allow to absorb, the scent will slowly diffuse.
– Raw brass will naturally turn over time, if you prefer a bright finish, use a brass polish.
– A cork pad is attached each bottom to protect your countertop.

色調 / Colour:Grey 灰
材質 / Materials:Concrete 水泥、Brass 黃銅
尺寸 / Size:W7.5 x L13.5 x H0.7 cm (±0.1cm)
銅座 / Brass holder:Φ1.7 cm
洞孔 / Brass hole:Φ0.35 cm
重量 / Weight:150g