Concrete Coaster

ECLIPSE 月蝕金邊光澤水泥吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤

/ ECLIPSE 月蝕 / 金邊光澤水泥吸水杯墊・飾品盤
NTD 420 元
圓墊厚度 0.5 cm,邊緣做倒角設計,除了可作吸水杯墊,亦可當飾品盤陳列,讓擺飾形成美麗的焦點。
This absorbent dish is ndividually made by hand, which we painted special color in order to obtain these beautiful colours and texture, it can be used drink coaster, also offers your jewelry a eye-catching display.
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Concrete Decor 水泥設計吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤Jewelry Dish 金色倒角設計水泥吸水杯墊・飾品陳列・設計禮物Concrete Design 水泥設計・設計禮物・居家擺飾ECLIPSE 月蝕金邊倒角設計水泥吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤Home Decor 月蝕金邊倒角設計水泥圓墊・飾品陳列・居家佈置Concrete Design 月蝕金邊倒角設計水泥吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤Concrete Design 月蝕金邊水泥吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤 - 倒角設計Concrete Design 月蝕金邊倒角設計水泥吸水圓墊・杯墊・飾品盤 - 軟木底墊
– 水泥為多孔性材質,具有吸收特性,吸水後顏色變深為自然現象。
– 可直接以清水沖洗,再放置通風處自然晾乾即可。
– 多次使用過後會留有摩擦痕跡為正常狀況,請避免接觸有色液體或碰撞。
– 底部有軟木防滑墊,防止刮傷桌面。
– 使用特殊媒材顏料上色,仍會保留水泥紋理的斑駁感,並非陶瓷質感的光滑面,表面所產生的氣孔與紋理為水泥本身獨有的特性,每件商品都是唯一。

– It can be washed with water, just dry by airing.
– Concrete is a porous material ,when it absorb moisture, they will darken.
– Avoid touching the colored liquid and direct collision.
– A cork pad is attached each plate bottom to protect your countertop.
– Each piece is indivdually made by hand from concrete, with slight differences in texture and appearance, making each item unique.

色調 / Colour:Grey 灰、Gold 金
材質 / Materials:Concrete 水泥、Textured Paint 特殊媒材顏料
尺寸 / SIZE:Φ9.7 x H0.5 cm
重量 / Weight:80g