Pure Flower Pot

=PURE 圓弧錐形水泥盆器・花盆・花器

/ PURE 清水泥 / 圓弧錐形水泥盆器・花盆・花器
NTD 780 元(單盆)・NTD 1160 元(含底盤)
This PURE flower pot is made by hand from concrete, with slight differences in texture and appearance, making each item unique, modern and minimalist style are perfect addition to your home, will add a fresh touch to your indoor or outdoor space.

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PURE 錐圓水泥盆器・花盆・花器
Concrete Design 圓弧錐形水泥盆器・花盆・花器
Home Decor 水泥家飾・居家擺飾・植物生活・設計禮物
Concrete Design 水泥設計家飾・盆器・盆栽
PURE 圓弧錐形水泥設計家飾・盆器・盆栽
Concrete Design 水泥設計家飾・盆器・盆栽
PURE 圓弧錐形水泥設計家飾・盆器・盆栽

– 此販售商品為水泥盆器,未包含植物,圖片植物為搭配參考。
– 適合 3~4 吋盆植物種植,植株高40cm以下皆可搭配,亦可直接放置 3 吋盆栽。
– 盆器留有雙底洞,可讓過多的水分排出,避免積水。
– 水泥為多孔材質,澆水會吸收些許水份,使其盆器顏色變深為正常現象。
– 表面所產生的氣孔與斑駁感,為水泥手工製成中所自然產生的特性,每件盆器皆不盡相同。

– Plants not include.
– There are two drainage holes, it will allow water to drain quickly.
– It’s suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
– concrete is a porous material ,when you water concrete planters, they will darken.

色調 / Colour:Grey 灰
材質 / Materials:Concrete 水泥
尺寸 / Size:Top Φ9.5 x Bottom Φ10.5 x H12 cm (±0.2cm)
內徑 / Inside:Φ8.3 x H10.5 cm (±0.2cm)
底盤 / Tray:Φ13.5 x H2 cm(±0.1cm)
重量 / Weight:900g