Concrete Holder

MINI CUBE 小方磚水泥蠟燭・飾品收納・空氣鳳梨座

/ MINI CUBE 小方磚 / 多用途水泥蠟燭座
NTD 380 元
Each candle holder is an individually concrete casting and unique from each other, it holds perfectly a standard sized tealight. When not using as a candle holder, great for a catch all for small items such as rings or earrings, they also perfect for plants, succulent, air plant or moss.
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Concrete Design 小方磚水泥蠟燭・飾品收納・空氣鳳梨座Concrete Design 小方磚水泥蠟燭・飾品收納・設計禮物Concrete Design 水泥設計・設計禮物・居家擺飾MINI CUBE 小方磚水泥蠟燭・飾品陳列・設計禮物Concrete Decor 水泥設計小方磚蠟燭・禮物・擺飾MINI CUBE 小方磚水泥蠟燭・飾品收納・空氣鳳梨座

– 如蠟燭使用完畢,可將鋁殼取出,直接替換通用尺寸的小蠟燭。
– 座台可直接清水沖洗,由於水泥為多孔性材質,吸水後顏色變深為自然現象。
– 多次使用過後會留有摩擦痕跡為正常狀況,請避免沾染有色液體或劇烈撞擊。
– 手工製作的尺寸將會有些許誤差,表面所產生的氣孔與紋理為水泥本身獨有的特性,每件商品都是唯一。

– It can be washed with water, just dry by airing.
– Concrete is a porous material ,when it absorb moisture, they will darken.
– Avoid touching the colored liquid and direct collision.
– Each piece is indivdually made by hand from concrete, with slight differences in texture and appearance, making each item unique.

材質 / Materials:Concrete 水泥
尺寸 / Size:4.8 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm
內徑 / Ineer Size:3.8 cm
香調 / Fragrance:Vanilla with a hint of sea salt 香草帶有海鹽香氣
燃燒 / Burning Time:3.5 hr 小時
成分 / Ingredient:Paraffin 石蠟、Vegetable wax 植物蠟
重量 / Weight:100g